Selected Work


Ethics Be Damned (APM): An investigative mini-series on conflicts of interest in the Trump administration.

Robot-Proof Jobs (Marketplace): A long-form podcast series about automation and the workforce. Winner of a 2018 Gerald Loeb Award for audio reporting. 

Politics Inside Out (Marketplace): A pop-up daily news podcast covering the 2016 presidential campaigns and transition period.  


Crossrail expands access to London, and its high-flying housing market (Marketplace)

The Port of Los Angeles gives a lesson in mega ships (Marketplace)

More than a spoon (Marketplace)

Aha Moment: Sullivan's Travels (Studio 360/WNYC)

Have we reached peak trade? (Marketplace)


Should we think about sexual harassment as a spectrum? (

For the first time in history, majority of members in Congress are millionaires (Slate)

Not even the NSA knows if the NSA spies on Congress (Slate)

Senate passes military sexual assault bill, ends "good-soldier" defense (Slate)

It's against the law for employers to make you sick, thank the "radium girls" for that (

Turkey's Prime Minister may have just banned Twitter (Slate)